The Culinary Student Association Held a Videography Class

Study club, the Culinary Arts Student Association division, held a workshop to improve video editing ability. The workshop was held on 11-12 September 2021 via zoom meeting. The committee for this activity was Fiola Nirvana Putri, culinary arts student. The trainer at this workshop was Rizky Abdullah S, the winner of the workout video by Soni Audio (2021) and the winner of the Learning Simulation Video by UPI 2021.

In this workshop, valuable things were conveyed to improve students' editing skills and creativity in editing videos. This activity was carried out because it was motivated by the collection of student lecture assignments during the pandemic in videos. During the pandemic, all teaching and learning activities are carried out online. This creates obstacles in practical courses that should be carried out offline but are forced to be online. Therefore, in monitoring student practice, it is required to attach video evidence of training. Various other tasks require students to collect in the form of videos. This initiated the videography class workshop. The theme of the workshop is "Express Your Creativity with Videography." The activity timeline includes registration (1-10 September 2021), material delivery (Saturday, 11 September 2021), and editing workshops (Sunday, 12 September 2021). The workshop was attended by around 60 students from culinary arts, UNY, and other universities.

The material presented at this workshop started with the delivery of the basics of videography to get to know the fundamentals of video editing. Furthermore, Rizky gave videography tips and tricks to obtain good image quality, and when editing was made, it would simplify the process and produce quality videos. Then, He shared his various experiences in taking videos and editing to get great results. At the end of the event, a video editing workshop was held, and students collected the videos.

It is hoped that this activity can improve students' abilities in editing videos. This makes it easier to submit coursework in the form of videos and can explore videography in the future. (awp)